Ask An Expert - Organic Gardening

Ask An Expert - Organic Gardening
Ask An Expert - Organic Gardening

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Sunday 31st October 2021 - 2:00pm (Bondi Beach, NSW local time)


Theme: Organic gardening methods (including soil health, encouraging beneficial insects and birds to your garden as a form of natural pest control and why to avoid sprays and pesticides) What do rainforests, native bushland and desert oases have in common? They don’t need pesticides in order to thrive! And yet for some reason we’re always told that we need to use ‘pest control’ methods in our gardens. We’re advised to use sprays to kill aphids, put fungicides on our roses and scatter snail pellets around our lettuces. But what if none of that was really necessary?? In this session, I’ll be answering all of your questions about organic approaches to gardening based on my experiences in my own garden, which is totally pesticide- herbicide- and fungicide-free (and don’t worry, it’s not infested with anything!). Post your questions in the comments section below and I'll provide an answer during the live session. See you there !

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  • 2 weeks ago @Mary Jo Bellanca

    Last summer I had so many slaters eating my strawberries and tomatoes. This year I put all of the strawberries in separate self-watering troughs outside fo the main garden bed (which is a wicking bed.). What can I do to prevent them from eating my crop this year? Thanks!

  • 2 weeks ago @Helen Kitley

    How can I co-habit with a bandicoot - eg holes everywhere, can't use weed and feed on lawn or spray driveway weeds. Best murder method for aphids - especially black aphids on garlic. Thanks, Helen

  • 2 weeks ago @Holly Cooper

    Am overrun with earwigs. Can you help

  • 1 week ago @Iina Lohi

    Is 2am the right time?

  • 5 days ago @Jane Maher

    scale all over my aspidistra and my kentia palm. Kentia also has webby white stuff on it.

  • 5 days ago @Judith Manion

    I always end up with powdery mildew on my beans and peas which affects the development of bean or pea pods. How can I prevent this?

  • 5 days ago @Kelly Lamp

    Do you have any suggestions for coping with garden weevils please? They destroy so many of our plants each year! Thanks

  • 4 days ago @Kaitlyn Terpstra

    Any tips for a small garden where caterpillars keep decimating all the cabbage crops like broccoli and kale?

  • 11 hours ago @Joanne Cody

    I keep getting an orange fungal infection I think on my calendula & chive leaves. Also had white patches on my asian greens. Can I treat my soil somehow to improve soil microbiology so that plants are healthy and/or treat affected leaves ?