Homegrown with Paul West !

Homegrown with Paul West !
Homegrown with Paul West !

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Saturday 13th November 2021 - 3:00pm (Bondi Beach, NSW local time)


Join River Cottage Australia host and Grow It Local cofounder Paul West in this exclusive LIVE launch of his new book release 'Homegrown'. Paul will show us how to become that little bit more self-sufficient and give you the info and tools you need to grow, cook and preserve your way through the year. Homegrown features planting guides for the most popular vegetables and fruit trees to grow yourself using whatever space you have, whether it's a balcony, backyard or nature strip. Paul also has loads of ideas for garden projects to improve your crop, from raising seedlings and building a mini greenhouse to managing rain water and heat-proofing your garden. And don't forget the food! Paul shares a year's worth of simple seasonal recipes, from basics such as breads, sauces, pickles and preserves to delicious meals that celebrate fresh produce from the garden. Homegrown is for anyone passionate about food, gardening and community. It will inspire you to grow more of your own produce and cook more nourishing, simple meals to share with the ones you love. Garden projects include: · Raising seedlings · Building a mini greenhouse · Growing potatoes in a bag · Protecting your garden from the heat · Making a raised bed from old pallets · Growing fruit trees from cuttings · Creating a fire circleLearn how to grow an abundance of delicious, nutrient-dense produce at home in this super practical session with Paul West. Paul will talk us through techniques for making the most of your space, access to sunlight, how to decide what to plant and some tips & tricks to maximising your harvest. Tickets are limited so register now to avoid disappointment for this exclusive, free, live session. Enjoy !

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