Starting your patch

Starting your patch
Starting your patch

$5.00 / per ticket



2 hours



Join the Patch of Plenty team at this workshop, where you can find out ways to start your patch or make more room to increase your patch

We all want to make the most of our garden spaces. It doesn’t matter if you have a large property or you’re renting in a small unit with a patio – there are always smarter ways to pack more in, get systems pumping and keep our patches grounded in local ecosystems. In this workshop with Patch of Plenty, we’ll use permaculture design techniques to assess our own gardening context and create the patch that works best for our needs, abilities and site. We will discuss observation, sector analysis and locating your patch, as well as considering our resources and physical abilities as gardeners. We’ll then look at different techniques for establishing a food-producing space including bed preparation, planting and responding to feedback from your garden.


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