AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Paul West (River Cottage Australia)

AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Paul West (River Cottage Australia)
AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Paul West (River Cottage Australia)

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Got a burning edible gardening related question, need advice, an issue to troubleshoot or just interested in hearing how Digger's doing post River Cottage? Join us for this live AMA with tv host, author and master grower Paul West.. Can you dig it?! xx

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  • 7 months ago @Lyn Justice

    I bought a fig tree that grew to about two metres, but didn't produce a single fig. It has just been hard pruned in a bid to give it a bit of a kick-start. Will this work or is it just a dud? Thanks, Lyn

  • 7 months ago @Clare Carmichael

    Hi. I live on the Sunshine Coast hinterland and have been trying to grow my vegetables from seed for the last year. Once my seeds germinate they grow to maybe an inch tall if I’m lucky and then they stop growing. This happens to all varieties of my vegetables. I’ll bring them in at night time so they don’t get cold I water them twice a day while being careful not to over water and I give them a dmall amount of weak liquid fertiliser once the plants have grown a little bit. I’m at a loss why this keeps happening. Can you please help me?

  • 7 months ago @Iain Murray

    I have a problem with potting mix, seems to have a very high Ph, around 8.5 according to the testing kit I have. Whats the best way to fix this or should I just get another brand (will it be the same problem) I'm in WA and its bought from bunnings.

  • 7 months ago @Cath O'Reilly

    How do we successfully grow a lemon tree after three failures?