Area under cultivation 865,916 m2
Food waste diversion 23860 kg/week

Online Workshops

Online Event

Saturday 28th May 2022 - 3:00pm

Sweet soil with Fabian Capomolla aka @thehungrygardener

Saturday May 28, 2022 Learn how to make sweet soil and give your edible garden everything it needs to grow healthy, nutrient-rich plants and produce. In this highly practical session author, educator and master gardener Fabian Capomolla aka @thehungrygardener will talk us through his approach to building nutrient-rich soils and the things you can do to improve the vitality of your homegrown ecosystem. Fabien will be available for any soil related Q&A. Get excited! @thehungrygardener

Online Event

Tuesday 7th June 2022 - 6:30pm

Vertical Veggies with Sophie Thomson

Tuesday 7th June Join Sophie Thomson as she takes us through growing veggies vertically to maximise space and utilise produce plants to help cool and shade your garden and home. Sophie Thomson has continued to light up the screen on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia with her infectious enthusiasm for more than 16 years. She is generous with her knowledge as a horticulturist gleaned from over 35 years of hands-on gardening experience. She shares her insights, tips and knowledge nationally through public speaking engagements, media columns, talk back radio and her recent best-selling book Sophie’s Patch. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, Sophie believes gardening improves our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as that of the broader community. Since 2020, she has been working to support fire affected communities on Kangaroo Island and in the Adelaide Hills helping them rebuild their gardens. Register for this free, live digital session as below. Supported by Green Adelaide

Online Event

Saturday 11th June 2022 - 3:00pm

Ask An Expert - How to improve your soil

Ask any seasoned gardener and they will tell you that healthy soil is the key to a healthy garden. In this AMA hosted by our inhouse expert Casey Lister you’ll learn all about maximising the health of your soil. You’ll discover which soil amendments are actually worth your time and money (and which you shouldn’t bother with), why regular mulching is vital for healthy soil, how to use grit and clay to improve your soil structure, why you shouldn’t leave garden beds un-planted and why you don’t really need to worry about digging or weeding your garden. Please post any of your patch or home growing related questions to the comments below and Casey will do her best to answer these queries during the live session. Register now for this exclusive and free, live digital session

Workshops and Events

Sunday 29th May 2022 - 10:30am

Gardening for Beginners - Getting Started

GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS - GETTING STARTED $5 + booking fee $1.36 Purchase tickets at Eventbrite - Begin your gardening journey with Linda Crutchett - sharing ideas and ways to make a garden, whether it be in pots, in the ground or on a window sill. This relaxed and interactive session will cover: WHAT - to grow WHERE - to grow HOW - to grow Covering all the basics to getting started with growing your own food and how to do it without overspending. Everyone gets to take home a pot of herbs available on the day. There will also be a Seed Swap, so bring along any seeds you would like to share - but don't worry if you don't have any, we will have plenty to go around! Tea/coffee and light refreshments provided Optional - you are welcome to bring your lunch and stay on after the session to enjoy the garden, eat and chat. All proceeds will be donated to the Athelstone Community Garden A bit about Linda: Linda Crutchett has worked in food and health for over 30 years. Linda’s passion for delicious, quality food started in the kitchen and quickly spread in to the garden. She is on a pathway to grow all her households fruit and vegetables. In 2014 she worked with Urban Roots in Glasgow, teaching people to grow their own food and in 2018 returned to Adelaide and supported the Food Embassy to develop their Food Matters program on sustainable food in communities. Linda now chooses to spend her time in Esmerelda’s Garden and in the community, sharing tips on how to garden affordably in the spaces available in our homes, owned or rented. This workshop is co-funded and supported by Green Adelaide

Monday 30th May 2022 - 10:30am

Sweet Soil - Precinct Community Garden Workshop

Have you heard of Grow It Local but not quite sure what it is about or how to sign up? Or are you already signed up but would like to connect with fellow gardeners that live locally or with the local community garden? During this session we will watch Grow It Local's most recent online workshop: Sweet soil with Fabian Capomolla aka The Hungry Gardener, go through what the FREE Grow It Local program is and how to access it, and walk you through how to set up your own account. In the highly practical Sweet Soil workshop author, educator and master gardener Fabian Capomolla aka @thehungrygardener will talk us through his approach to building nutrient-rich soils and the things you can do give your edible garden everything it needs to grow healthy, nutrient-rich plants and produce. All this sitting may make you restless and hungry, therefore this will be followed by lunch provided from our Precinct Cafe and a walk through our Community Garden where you will be able to explore, pick produce, chat and find out ways you can get involved. WHERE: Pod 1, The Precinct, 112 Coventry Road Smithfield Plains WHEN: Monday 30th May, 10:30am -12:30pm COST: FREE If you have any questions please contact Natalie: Ph: 8256 0372 or

Saturday 18th June 2022 - 10:00am

Planning a year-round harvest with Patch of Plenty

Come and learn about effective succession planting, seasonal eating and choosing the right varieties to have you eating out of the vegetable garden 365 days a year. All gardening levels welcome. For further information, please contact Linda Enright, Healthy Lifestyle Officer, or 0414 647 711.

Latest products

$50.00 -

Australia Lemon Myrtle plants

Healthy Australian lemon myrtle plants $50 each Pick up at Moorebank

$4.50 -

Micro Greens and baby leaf

Spray free Micro Greens and Baby Leaf.

$0.00 -

Homegrown Gourmet and medicinal Mushrooms

Homegrown mushrooms. Depending on the time of year I will have: - oyster mushrooms - lions mane - cordyceps - reishi - king oyster - poplar Get in contact to see what I’m growing!

$10.00 -

Hay Point Raw Honey

Honey produced in Hay Point. Honey is raw and is different depending on the season.

$2.00 -

Fish Herb

Strong fishy flavour - good for Vietnamese cooking. Cost is for a few leaves, you won’t need much.

$2.00 -

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate hint of flavour, feel free to transplant in your own garden. Delicious in desserts or fruit and yoghurt.

$1.00 -


Very spicy! Red and green available.

$2.00 -


Beautiful aromatic and rich flavour.

$2.00 -


Bag of LIMES (8 per bag) - freshly picked.

$10.00 - SA, City of Marion

Banksia Praemorsa (Cut Leaf Banksia)

I have some excess Banksia Praemorsa (Cut leaf) for sale. They are currently in a 15cm pot and about 200-300mm high. Very healthy looking plants. Require well draining soil and phosphorus free fertiliser.

$4.50 -

McD Avenue Honey 300gm

100% Pure multi-floral local honey.

$10.00 -

McD Avenue Honey 1Kg

100% Pure untreated multi-floral honey.



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