Area under cultivation 847,897 m2
Food waste diversion 6907 kg/week

Live Workshops

Saturday 22nd January 2022 - 5:00pm

Organic gardening 101

Join our inhouse expert Casey Lister @pinchdashglug for an introduction to organic gardening techniques, processes and simple hacks to help you achieve homegrown success. Learn to grow a garden that is healthy and thriving without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. In this AMA you’ll find out how to attract beneficial insects and wildlife to your patch to do your ‘pest’ control for you. You’ll also learn why improving your soil and maximising your plant health is the best thing you can do to protect your plants from bugs and diseases, and why you should ditch the sprays once and for all! Register for this free, live digital session as below.

Saturday 12th February 2022 - 3:00pm

Ask An Expert - How to grow from seed

Growing from seed is one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of being a home gardener, and it helps save you money too! In this AMA you’ll learn all the secrets for seed sowing success from our inhouse expert Casey Lister, you’ll find out what the most common seed-sowing mistakes are (and how to fix them) and you’ll learn how to save, store and sow your own seeds year after year. Post any of your patch related questions in the comments below and Casey will do her best to answer them for you live online. Please note we have a limited capacity of 100 for these Ask An Expert sessions. Register now to reserve a ticket to this free, live digital session

Sunday 20th February 2022 - 9:30am

Learn how to preserve your tomato's and make the most delicious tomato relish ever with Diana Whitton (CWA)

Learn to how to preserve your tomato harvest and make a delicious tomato relish that's perfect for your cheese plates, bbq's, sandwiches and more in this exclusive, live digital session that's being held as part of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney's virtual Tomato Festival Sydney program for 2022. Register (it's free!) and you'll receive the delicious tomato relish recipe in advance so you out so you can cook along with us live online via Zoom. For more Tomato Festival Sydney info visit;

Sunday 20th February 2022 - 11:00am

Learn how to grow & prepare a Caprese Salad live with Paul West (River Cottage Australia)

In this exclusive live session tomato lover Paul West (River Cottage Australia) will talk us through his tips and tricks to Caprese Salad success this summer. You'll learn how to make this most delicious salad from Italy's stunning Amalfi Coast and get Paul's personal recommendations regarding his preferred tomato and basil varieties. Please note this is a live 'cook-a-long session' so everyone who register's for this exclusive session will be sent the recipe ingredients / shopping list 1-week prior to the event Paul will also prepare his favourite roast tomato salad recipe as feature in his latest book release 'Homegrown - a year of growing, cooking and eating'. Purchase 'Homegrown' with a personalised message from Paul at Or alternatively a personalised 30min digital consultation with Paul via: This session is being held as part of the Tomato Festival Sydney, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Saturday 19th March 2022 - 3:00pm

Ask An Expert - Patch design 101

If you’re wondering how to set your garden up for success, the first place to start is developing a clever and practical design. Well-designed gardens are healthier, more productive and easier to maintain. In this AMA Casey Lister will share her tips and tricks for improving your garden design and, if you’re just getting started, you’ll learn the first and most important steps to creating a beautiful garden that you love to spend time in. Please post any of your patch or home growing related questions to the comments below and Casey will do her best to answer these queries during the live session. Register now for this free, live digital session.

Saturday 16th April 2022 - 3:00pm

Ask An Expert - Elegant Edible Gardening

In this AMA you’ll learn about creating an edible garden that is gorgeous to look at (as well as delicious to eat!). You’ll learn about growing a range of beautiful edible flowers (did you know flowers are vital to a healthy veggie garden?), selecting plants that attract beneficial insects to your veggie patch (to help protect your crops), uncovering the hidden beauty in every edibles, and tips for designing a veggie garden that is elegant as well as tasty and productive. Please post any of your patch or home growing related questions to the comments below and Casey will do her best to answer these queries during the live session. Register now for this exclusive and free, live digital session

Saturday 14th May 2022 - 3:00pm

Ask An Expert - How to grow food in pots

Pressed for space but keen to grow a garden? You totally can! In this AMA you’ll learn all about growing a potted garden, including which plants do best in pots, how to select pots that are the right size for your plants, tips for keeping your soil healthy, the importance of good drainage, how to find trees that will grow in pots and a bunch of other potted tips! If you’ve got a balcony or courtyard garden, this AMA will help you get confident and inspired to grow! Register now for this exclusive and free, live digital session

Saturday 11th June 2022 - 3:00pm

Ask An Expert - How to improve your soil

Ask any seasoned gardener and they will tell you that healthy soil is the key to a healthy garden. In this AMA hosted by our inhouse expert Casey Lister you’ll learn all about maximising the health of your soil. You’ll discover which soil amendments are actually worth your time and money (and which you shouldn’t bother with), why regular mulching is vital for healthy soil, how to use grit and clay to improve your soil structure, why you shouldn’t leave garden beds un-planted and why you don’t really need to worry about digging or weeding your garden. Please post any of your patch or home growing related questions to the comments below and Casey will do her best to answer these queries during the live session. Register now for this exclusive and free, live digital session

Workshops and Events

Latest products

$5.00 -

Coffee Trees

Coffee plants available for purchase. In six pots approximately 30cm tall. $5 each Makes a great hedge and you get yummy delicious coffee.

$20.00 -

Organic Regenerative Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our fruit is handpicked with the help of family and friends from our mixed variety olive grove & pressed within 48 hours for maximum flavour and nutrition. Excellent raw on salads or on a platter with balsamic vinegar, dukka and crusty bread. We hope you enjoy our oil as much as we do!

$40.00 -


We grow delicious organic long storage garlic, "Pink Galah" @ Cockatoo Creek Farm. Tastes fantastic, and looks great too :) If stored correctly will store at least till July, the year after harvesting.

$0.00 - Wayville, SA

Organic tomatoes and zucchinis!

We have a good amount of tomatoes and zucchinis so I am happy to give some away to a few people. We also have kale and rainbow chard to spare. Get in touch and let me know what you would like and I can make you up a little pack :) Pick up Young St, Wayville.

$0.00 - Wayville, SA

Sweet Potato Slips (ready to plant)

I have about 40 sweet potato slips to give away - each one will hopefully grow 4-6 sweet potatoes. These are a purple skinned, white flesh variety. They are ready to plant now. Super easy to grow and the leave are edible! Get in touch if you would like to pick some up from Young St, Wayville.

$10.00 -

Raw Honey

Raw honey straight from the hive.

$0.00 - Wayville, SA

Organic Parsley Bunches

I have lots of organic parsley growing at the moment - both flat and curly leaf. Im happy to give you a bunch. Pick up Wayville.

$0.00 - Griffin, QLD

Pumpkin Seeds

Mystery pumpkin seeds, home grown for at least three pumpkin generations - started in my Mum's compost bin on the Sunshine Coast and now grow just as happily in my backyard! I find these do best when some manual pollination is done to assist the process. Little paper packets (2-5 seeds) available that can be thrown straight in the ground or I can package a few more up if you're ready for complete pumpkin take over. Photo of 2020 pumpkin haul for reference :)

$0.00 - Griffin, QLD

Kombucha SCOBY

SCOBY available from kombucha home-brewed with black tea leaves and raw sugar on town water. There's a new one every week 😱 Instructions not provided but there's plenty online - check out YouBrewKombucha on YouTube for some nice tips! SCOBYs will be packed in a large reused glass jar with at least 1-2 cups of starter liquid to get you going. These are free but happy to trade for Moccona coffee jars 💚 pick up only.

$0.00 - Griffin, QLD

Egg Cartons

Used egg cartons hoping to be put to use once again. Various sizes fit 12, 18 and 30 eggs. Pick up only.

$0.00 -

Pintos peanut

A groundcover legume that is perfect for orchards as it enriches the soil and keeps it cool. I don't recommend it for vegetable gardens as it's a bit too enthusiastic in its spreading habit. It's happy in part shade too.

$3.00 -

Mauve snake plant (stachytarpheta)

This is an evergreen shrub about 1 metre in height that can be pruned to increase flowering. It is an excellent nectar plant for bees including blue banded bees, and for butterflies. It is a hardy plant that grows in full sun.



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